Inspired by ancient cultures

My passion for tribal and ethnic jewelry design started when I first traveled around India. I fell in love with the authenticity and beauty of the local women's jewelry. In India, the jewelry not only have a traditional and aesthetic value, but also signifies social status. I believe it was during that time that I laid the foundation for DIA.

Drawn to the ancient cultural traditions, my main inspiration comes from the diversity of the Mayas and Incas ornamental skills and also the ancient Greek and Rome arts.

I use tribal elements from ancient worlds to create elegant yet everyday jewelry. I combine ancient techniques with new ones and each jewelry integrates the past and the present.

The feeling of creating something tangible from an idea that I have is very fulfilling.

I specialize in handmade piercing jewelry, all made from high quality materials such as solid gold, sterling silver and natural stones.

All the jewelry in my shop is handmade at my home studio with great attention to maintaining the best quality, uniqueness while keeping it affordable. I strive to provide excellent products and the best customer service.

I'm very passionate about my creations and hope you enjoy browsing my shop.

Thank you,